Monday, January 4, 2010


I just read several of University Mama's posts. She had a rather rough semester and was glad to see it end. I second that thought. I was glad the last semester finally came to a close. However I am looking forward to the next semester - with great anticipation. It's not the semester I originally envisioned (senior thesis, intensive language course, etc.), but with the change in my family situation, it will be a much easier semester (I hope). Plan B seems to be a tad more peaceful at this moment.

As I reflect on last semester, I see where it really was intense at times and I did not pay proper attention to my research or to my family. One of my goals this new semester is to put everything in proper order - from family, to schoolwork, to work.

The good thing about being able to reflect on the past is that is gives us direction for the future. What did I do wrong that I would change? What did I do right? What have I learned from the experience of last semester?

As I get older, I realize the value in reflection, in setting goals, etc. When I think of "reflection", I thing of the reflecting pond on the mall in Washington, DC. Even though I have never been, I have seen pictures of the pond with the Washington monument in the background. The photos I've seen have always been of the Washington monument reflected in the pool. It is such an awesome sight - to see that huge obelisk representing the strength and wisdom associated with our nation's first President.

What do I see when I reflect on last semester? What do I see when I reflect on the past few months and years of my life? Do I see good things, perhaps things I need to change, perhaps apologies I need to make and words of encouragement I need to speak? I don't ever want to be regretful, but grateful as I reflect. I want to be grateful for the things I've learned - about myself, about life, about the subjects I have taken in school.

What about you? What do you see when you reflect on last semester or on the recent past? We learn from the past and we move on. Stay tuned . . .

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