Thursday, January 21, 2010

But Is It Blogworthy?

I have read some blogs recently that make me think, "Does the author have nothing better to do? Do they not have a life?" I am of the opinion that if one is going to blog, whatever one is blogging about should be of some benefit and not just meaningless rantings, ravings, musings, whatever. It's like being a freelance journalist for the New York Times. Would the NYT pay someone to go on and on about nothing? I think not.

I often ask myself, "Is what I have to say blogworthy? Will people benefit from what I have to say?" There have been many blog ideas that have gone in the circular file because they were merely my musings, rantings, etc.

I think learning to be flexible is definitely a blogworthy topic. Lie is not always nice and tidy. Life does not always adhere to my "Plan A". I recently had a situation where my ex-husband thought it was going to turn out one way and it turned out another way. He was upset because the situation did not conclude as he thought it should. I often tell my children they should have a Plan B.

As nontrads, we are used to being flexible. However, it can still be a tad unnerving when even our Plan B falls through. What do you do then? Stop and step back, take a deep breath and reassess the situation. Having more time to plan, speaking to one more "expert", having to spend less money in the long run - these are all good things worthy of our ability to be flexible.

Is there something you're having to "Plan B" today? Don't worry about it. Thank God for another day of life, your family and your friends and attack that Plan B with confidence! Stay tuned . . .

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Anonymous said...

I suppose the definition of 'blogworthy' depends on what the blog is for. Sometimes I write to sort out my own thoughts, sometimes for a rant, and sometimes for reflection. I don't consider mine a 'resource' as such, if anything I hope it connects me to fellow mature/nontrad students, if it provides information then that's a bonus.
I do hope that my experiences & concerns strike a chord with readers though and your post has made me think about my reasons for blogging.