Thursday, January 28, 2010

School or Not?

There seem to be many people asking the question, "Should I go back to school?" Returning to school is an investment in your future. What is it worth to you? That is the question one should ask when considering returning to school.

What has returning to school cost me? I quit my full time job in June to go to school full time. However, the job I have now has even greater potential than the job I left. My degree will also add to my job's potential. I have had to juggle family schedules and be deliberate about my family relationships. Going back to school has made me appreciate my family even more.

My degree means my future - greater earning potential, doing something I really like, sharing my story as an encouragement to others. When considering the return to school, family is a huge thing to consider, even more than the debt of student loans. I would quit school tomorrow if any of my children needed me. They all know that.

There are many reasons to return to school and many different things to consider when making the decision to school or not to school. Ask yourself what your education is worth to you, to your family. Good luck in making the decision. Stay tuned . . .

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Bethany said...

Great post, zickbee! It’s not often that people consider the true cost of going back to school. A key question really can be “what is school worth to you?” Sure, school costs money and time. However, it’s important that people thinking of going back to school are looking at what they’re getting in return- a higher paying career, stability for their kids. Something to think about when considering if it’s worth the investment in school- “how much has it cost me to NOT have my degree?” The longer someone thinks about attending school, the less time they have to reap the benefits of a degree.

I also like that you talk about some of the other considerations in going back to school- it looks like something you will be exploring quite a bit in this blog! As a director of a student center for American InterContinental University, I try to encourage people who are thinking of going back to school not only to speak with college counselors about their goals, but also to do research on what credentials are necessary for the jobs they are looking for: how important it is for these students to talk to people they know working in the field that they are looking to get into; what kind of classes did they need to get where they are?
Bethany Irvin
Director, Success Center-Chicago
American InterContinental University