Monday, January 19, 2009

Giving it Some Thought

It's funny how one's mind tends to wander at the oddest times. I am sitting here at work, watching it snow, (a rare thing in Knoxville), and my mind wanders to the folks who suddenly find themselves without a job. Part of the reason for my brain's sojourn could be that the company I work for laid off three people on Friday. That may not seem like a huge number, but for our little company of 25 people, that's a big chunk. The President called us all together after the three people had left and explained the situation to us. He informed us that several of our competitors had laid off significant numbers of people earlier in the week.

One of the off-ramps my gray matter took in its short drive was that of continuing education. How many of the recently laid-off are going to explore education as an option as opposed to going out and finding another job? We've all heard recently of the shortages of teachers, nurses, etc. Perhaps this is the time for people to go back to school and invest in another career in order to make up for those shortages. As our population continues to age, we will need more health care workers. Maybe we will see a shift in the labor demographics. We will always need doctors and nurses, teachers, law enforcement personnel and techno-geeks.

Education at the community college level is a good investment and not as expensive as a four-year institution. Hmmm - it's worth considering. Those folks who survived the Great Depression of the 1930s were innovative, savvy and not afraid to ask questions and take a chance. Just giving it some thought. Stay tuned . . .

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