Friday, January 30, 2009

The Honeymoon is Over

I am very excited at the beginning of each semester, not unlike a kindergartner starting their first day of school. I use the example of a kindergartner because I know that as children continue their school careers, their first-day-of-school excitement usually decreases with each passing year. As usual, my excitement was quite high a couple weeks ago. I remember thinking, "Ohmygosh! I'm going to be in school full time for the first time in over twenty years!! Am I going to able to do it??!!" (Insert a picture here of a puppy dog doing a full body wag, tongue hanging out of its mouth, ears erect and tail wagging at a brisk 100 mph.) Now I am thinking, "Oh . . . my . . . gosh. I am going to be in school full time for the first time in over twenty years. What the (expletive) was I thinking??!! Have I absolutely gone off the (expletive) deep end?? What is my problem??!!"

I think it's a fair assessment to say the honeymoon is over. Reality is setting in as I have a quiz and two exams in the next two weeks, a research paper due and more pages to read than there are sheets of toilet paper in an institutional size pack of TP from Sam's Club !!! Aaaarrrrhhhhggggg!! But then, I knew this would happen. Thank God for my cool laptop (thanks, Will!) and Starbucks.

Basketball season is almost over for Megan, but she will still be playing on a traveling volleyball team. At least this year the farthest away we will have to travel is to Atlanta, GA (3-1/2 hours south). Last year, the farthest away we traveled was to Birmingham, AL (5 hours west)and Asheville, NC (2 hours east). Most of the tournaments will be in Chattanooga, a mere hour and a half down the road.

I'm still running the race. I still have the goal in sight. However, I am looking forward to taking a break in Phoenix in March. That will be a time of refreshment and renewal for me. In the meantime, I need to study for a Spanish quiz next week, an Econ test Feb. 10 and a Spanish test Feb. 11. (Groan!) stay tuned . . .

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