Friday, January 9, 2009

Making the Best Decisions

As a nontrad, we are faced with all sorts of decisions that can be so easy to second guess ourselves on - Do I go to school this semester or do I defer until next semester? Can I afford to take more than one class? Should I apply for financial aid? Day classes or evening classes? Should I go to summer school? - and so on. How does one know which decisions are the best decisions?

Advising goes a long way in helping one to make good decisions as a student. But what about those other opportunities that come along - scholarship programs, internships, etc.? I think one has to go with that "gut feeling". I just let the WBHOF know that I was no longer interested in the Archive Intern position. I think it would be a great opportunity, but my focus right now has to be on my education and helping my daughter finish high school and move on to college. I told Karen at WBHOF that I thought the position would best be served by someone who has less on their plate than I do.

When faced with a decision, one must weigh all the options. I usually make a list of "pros" and "cons". In the case with the WBHOF, the cons outweighed the pros. Sometimes, I am willing to take a risk and go against the cons. In this case I wasn't. I am thankful for the opportunity for the interview. As with everything else, it was a learning experience.

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zodiacdeb said...

Hi Zickbee,
I came looking today to find out what happened at your interview. Gee, I'm sorry to read that you let it go, but I'm always in favor of following your heart, even when it means letting go of something you thought you might love. When that happens, there's usually something even better just waiting to happen.
Good luck with school this semester. Sounds like it's off to a good start.