Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I just read Tina's blog about her Mom. Tina is following my blog. I like the way Tina laid out her blog about her Mom. She uses shades of rose and burgundy and includes photos of her Mom. The memories she shares are priceless. Tina's blog is a special way to honor her Mom. Thank you, Tina.

As I read your blog, I thought of my own Mom. In many ways, I am very much like my Mom. Sometimes, that makes me angry (her temper, her sarcasm). But in other ways, it's good (her love of learning, her hospitality to friend and stranger alike, her love of family). My Mom is 71 and she fought both breast and bladder cancer a couple years ago. She has a cochlear implant because she started losing her hearing when she was 45. She lost her eldest brother in April of 2007 and her youngest brother in May of 2008. She is the oldest in her family. Now there is just her and her little sister, 15 years younger, left.

Tina says in her blog that she wants to remember as much of her Mom as she can and that she will mourn her every day of her life. I hope sharing about your Mom on your blog brings you comfort, Tina. I like the memories of your Mom. I like the pictures of your Mom. She looks like she was a wonderful lady.

I'll see my Mom and Dad again in March when I go to Phoenix for my spring break. I will hold them just a little closer and for a little longer because I know they are getting older and will not be with us much longer.

Thank you for sharing your Mom with us, Tina.

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