Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Haunting

Apparently, the movie, "The Haunting" is based on a true story. Hmmm - I won't go see it because I don't like scary movies like that. My version of "The Haunting" takes place in the UT library.

As a nontrad on campus, the library has become my home away from home. It is much easier to study at the library instead of at home because there is no one here whining in my face (my dogs), I don't have to yell, "Can you please turn that down?!" and I don't have to answer the phone. So, the library has become my favorite haunt.

Where do you "haunt" to study? The local Starbucks? or Panera? or another relatively quiet place? Wherever you "haunt", remember to take a few minutes out of your haunting to stop and have Coke or get a blueberry muffin or a cup of soup. Take a break from studying every now and then just to get refocused and keep your sanity. Stay tuned . . .


Anonymous said...

I definitely need that break now with the things that I'm going through. Thanks for the tip. My 'haunt' of choice is my local library because of its serene atmosphere and if it gets too loud with children camping out with their parents or teens studying, they have private study rooms that contain nothing but a chair and table, so as long as they're available, I'm there.

Anonymous said...

I have a lovely new study (shared wiht my husband - when I let him in!) It used to be our garage - it has made so much difference - our campus LRC has problems of noise even in the quiet areas so its not the best place. I do like the atmosphere there at the weekends though - its quiet & productive then.