Monday, March 9, 2009

Memories of My Dad

My Mom sent out an email yesterday updating us all on my Dad's condition. The news is not good. My three brothers, two sisters and I will be gathering in Tucson/Sierra Vista over the next two weeks to spend time with my Dad and to say our goodbyes. We're not thinking of it as saying goodbye, but everyone knows it is.

My Dad has been the best Dad anyone could ever ask for. One of my fondest memories of him has to do with my daughter. Megan was less than a month old and we were living in Oklahoma City, OK. My parents and my youngest brother and sister came out from Phoenix for Thanksgiving. My Dad held Megan and said to me, "Looks like she's a keeper". Those were the most wonderful words he's ever said to me. I asked him one time if he remembers saying those words to me and he said he didn't remember. I will always remember, though.

No matter what happens, I am still going to try my best for my Dad this semester. I want to make him proud of me. I know he is. I love you, Dad.

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