Friday, March 20, 2009

Moving Right Along

Beautiful weather here in Sierra Vista! I have been running every morning since I have been at my parents' house. Think I may sit out tomorrow because my legs are telling me they need a break! The desert is so quiet at 7am - only the sounds of the mourning doves and the breeze rustling the underbrush.

My older sister and I accompanied my parents to my Dad's doctor's appointment in Tucson today. While my Dad was getting medication, my Mom, sister and I did a little shopping at the mall across the street. It was good to have some female bonding time. This evening, I showed my Mom how to play Mahjong on my computer. We've been making some good memories.

I talked with one of my history profs this afternoon about my interview on Monday. She told me the Advising Dept. is looking for students who can empathize with others and direct other students to the resources on campus available to them. As a nontrad, I think I am pretty familiar with the resources available on campus. I have taken advantage of quite a few of them. My interview with the Advising Dept. for the student advising position is Monday, March 23.

Haven't heard anything from work other than from the new executive assistant to complain that she didn't know the password for the front phones. Hmmm - if that's all she has to worry about while I'm away . . . .

Today is my Dad's birthday. It will be a happy celebration for us all because he has outlasted his original prognosis by three months. We hope he will be around for many more months. This week has gone by quickly. I have enjoyed my visit to Sierra Vista and I don't want to leave. However, I know I have family and other responsibilities waiting for me back in Tennessee. I just hope the Vols (men) win their bracket in the NCAA tournament tomorrow morning. Go Vols!!

Stay tuned . . . .

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