Monday, March 16, 2009

Larry the Laptop

My laptop, whom I've affectionately named Larry, is now my new BFF. Larry accompanies me everywhere. He's the strong, silent type. The only time he doesn't cooperate is when I don't feed him - like most men. Larry can multitask better than most men. I'm grateful for that.

I was in the airport in Chicago yesterday (ORD or O'Hare) and had a few minutes to spare so I hauled out Larry and started working on my Anthropology paper. Larry saved me from boredom on the plane when I got tired of reading Anthropology. Luckily, when Larry decided not to cooperate, it was in the middle of a game and not in the middle of a paper. His battery was dead.

I have discovered I enjoy having Larry around and I often wonder how I survived without him. Larry is a big part of my educational pursuits. Larry is with me in Phoenix because he is so valuable in my education. I take notes with Larry, do research from remote parts of the library, and enjoy lunch at Panera with Larry.

I often think back to when I first began my college career back in August of 1980. I think PCs were just beginning to make their presence known. Even then, PCs weren't for the common man. I am grateful for the technological advances that make it possible for me to stay in contact with my daughter on spring break in Florida, my sons in Kentucky and Chattanooga, TN and my husband in Knoxville while am in Phoenix. I am grateful that while I am sitting here working on school work, I can listen to my favorite tunes and email a couple of profs to request letters of recommendation for History scholarships. Whew! Now that's multi-tasking!!

More from the sunny Southwest later. Stay tuned . . . .

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Anonymous said... and Larry sound like a match made in laptop heaven. I wonder what I should name my new BFF since we're pretty much joined at the hip as well...hmm....

Anyway, many happy thoughts to you and your new BFF, Larry and I hope that he provides you with a long life together full of very few disappointments and many great moments. :-)