Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Library

I just finished spending six hours in the UT library - two of those hours were in a study group for my Anthro mid-term tomorrow. Good thing I took a nap after lunch today! I think there is a certain chair at the library with my behind print on it, I have spent so much time there recently. The folks at the Starbucks in the library know me by name now, not just by my coffee (they also know my major, my daughter, that I don't like my Anthro class . . .). We're just getting way too close.

One can tell it's mid-term time at UT. The library is wall-to-wall people. Good thing I have a laptop because to find an open desktop computer is a rare thing. To find a comfortable place to park my laptop is also a rare thing, so I go to one of the upper "quiet" floors and hole up in a study kraal. That means I have to resort to texting my family - no cell phones allowed.

Just a couple more weeks until Spring Break and then I'll be able to take a break - sort of. My laptop and schoolbooks will also be accompanying me to Phx, especially if I have an Econ test after Spring Break. Such is the life of a college student.

I tried to call the College of Arts of Sciences advising office on Friday about the my application for the position of student advisor. A very young, inexperienced college-work study girl answered my call, told me the person I needed to speak to wasn't there and proceeded to fumble around to try to get my information to leave a message. I doubt the message ever got to the person it was supposed to get to. That's just a tad frustrating. I will follow up on that tomorrow and will, hopefully, get to speak to the person I need to speak to. (sigh)

Monday night (3/2), I have an Anthro mid-term. Wednesday night, (3/4), I have a Spanish exam. This is going to be a fun week - as usual. And tomorrow at work we find out if we will have more layoffs or be required to take salary reductions. Stay tuned . . .


aboutdeb said...

Hurray for naps! I blogged about you again today, Zickbee.



wwfd301 said...

Hi there! I just came across your blog. I have only read the latest entry but I think I will enjoy the rest of it! I am an older non-trad with a non-trad blog as well. Come visit me!!! Good luck with school!!!!!!!!!!!!!