Thursday, March 5, 2009

More Stuff

Time for another update. It has not been a good week for me. I spent ten hours in the library last weekend studying for an Anthropology mid-term only to end up in the ER on Monday night and miss the exam. I was a tad angry. Went to the doc yesterday and she is ordering more tests to find out why I ended up in the ER. I'd like to know, too. The ER doc couldn't find anything conclusive. Hmmm - then why will I get charged so much for his services?? I think we should pay doctors only when the make an accurate diagnosis. And if we have to wait in their waiting room longer than 15 minutes beyond our appointment time, I think we need to start charging them. Ah, but I digress.

I am scheduled to make up my mid-term on Saturday morning at 9am. Pellissippi State Technical Community College is on spring break next week and UT is on spring break the following week, so I won't have Spanish class for two weeks. I had a Spanish exam last night that I hope I passed. (Yo quiero Taco Bell??)

I will be taking my laptop, Economics and Spanish books as well as readings for History and Anthropology with me to Phoenix for spring break. I will have an Econ exam after spring break that I will be studying for during spring break. Oh, well. I need to have something to occupy my time on the airplane and during layovers. The good thing is that I will also have an interview for the Student Advisor position in the College of Arts and Sciences Advising Department the Monday after I get back from spring break. I am looking forward to the interview. Also, if I get the position, I will get a break on tuition for myself and my son at UTC (University of Tennessee - Chattanooga). That's another good thing.

I am ready to move on from my current job into something that will allow me to concentrate more on my schooling. I have been with my current employer for 4-1/2 years. Things are getting crazy at work - layoffs, salary reductions, insurance surrenders, BIG lack of communication through it all. I know the economy is tenuous at best, but, like everything else I have ventured forward to try this semester, I am venturing forth on this one, too. My Computer Science teacher of last spring was going to personally deliver a letter of recommendation as well as words of recommendation to the department head of College of Arts and Sciences Advising Deptartment today.

Once again I have seen that flexibility is a virtue. I am thankful for teachers who will work with me in making up exams, writing letters of recommendation, etc. As I was waiting for my husband to pick me up from school last night, I noticed a flier posted outside a teacher's office. It listed 10 things to do to be a good student. Among those ten were, "Do your work" and "Get to know your teacher". (I need to somehow get a copy of that flier. ) It has been my experience that when a student works hard in the class, participates in the class and lets the teacher know who they are, the experience of that class is much better for the student, whether the student gets an A or a C in the class. You can bet that my teachers know who I am! Stay tuned . . .

P.S. I hope to be blogging from Arizona during spring break. May even include photos?? Hope I can get a photo of an Arizona sunset to post.

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