Friday, March 6, 2009

To Summer School or Not To Summer School

I remember when I was a child and summer meant swimming pools, hanging out at the mall with friends, riding bikes to the corner Circle K to get Slurpees, family vacations with my family and all sorts of fun stuff like that. These days summer means first session or second session of summer school?

I have been in summer school for the last three years. Two years ago, I took Western Civ I and II concurrently at night at the community college (Note: this is the ONLY way to take Western Civ if you need it - it's MUCH easier to take it a) at night, b) during the summer c) at the community college - otherwise, the traditional university class is a real bear!). Last year, I took Business Ethics, a Philosophy class (very interesting class with a crazy teacher!). This year, I'm looking to get my science gen ed out of the way plus take two classes in my major (History) during second session (July and August).

Summer school, even though one is cramming 16 weeks into 8, is a much more relaxed atmosphere ( I think). One can get the classes one needs in a shorter period of time. Summer school is for those classes you dread and really don't want to devote an entire semester to, but could possibly stomach for 8 weeks. If I had to advise someone between summer school and not, I would say summer school. If one wants a summer, just do one session - not both.

Summer school can be a good thing, provided you have the right attitude. It's short, it's (relatively) painless, and you're outta there in time to still get a Slurpee. Suck it up, grit your teeth and do summer school. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Stay tuned . . .


Betsy said...

Hello! Your blog was sent to me through a Google RSS feed, and I am delighted to know about it! I didn't see a way to contact you privately, so I hope this is an appropirate way. I am a counselor at a community college and I have a special interest in the issues of non-traditional students. I have started a support gorup at my campus for "non-trads." In addition, I have organized a panel of successful non-trads who will be presenting workshops the week after Spring Break, speaking to new non-trads and sharing their stories and helpful hints with them. I wondered if I might have your permission to mention your blog to the non-trads at my campus, both the experienced ones and the new ones. I believe that reading about your thoughts and experiences, as well as connecting with other non-trads online, could be helpful to the students I am working with. If you would like to talk to me privately about this, you can reach me at Best wishes as you pursue your educational and career goals! Sincerely, Betsy Boyt, Counselor, Pellissippi State Technical Communityh College

Anonymous said...

You have some very good points about summer school, it's just that I think I would slack off because of the beautiful weather. I would probably be outdoors a lot more instead of being focused on school, so it probably wouldn't work out so well for me. Do you have any suggestions on what you do to stay focused for summer classes? I'd be interested in hearing.


aboutdeb said...

Hi Zickbee,

Another great blog. I blogged about you again today. :-)


Deb Peterson
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