Friday, March 13, 2009

The Sweet Smell of . . . .Spring Break!!

It's finally here!! Spring break!! I am so excited I can't stand it!! Even though I am going to Phoenix and it will be a bittersweet time with my family, I will not be in class for a week, I am getting away from work (that has not been good lately) and I am taking a much needed mental health break. Okay, so my laptop and my schoolwork is coming with me, but still, I'll be doing schoolwork in a different place!

My daughter is headed to Florida for a week with two of her friends. My middle son goes back to school on Sunday - his spring break was this week. My husband will be flying solo with the two dogs. My oldest son doesn't have his spring break until April. It's so nice that my children are old enough to take care of themselves now. I can leave them and not have to worry about them - most of the time.

I don't mind flying and the trip is not too long. The time change is what usually gets me, though. Phoenix is now three hours behind Knoxville. Because Knoxville is not an airline hub, I have to change planes somewhere else. Still, I love to travel and I am looking forward to seeing some old high school buddies and hanging out with my brothers and sisters and parents.

I will try to remember to take some photos of lovely Sierra Vista and Phoenix to share them with folks who have never been there. I'll be blogging from the lovely Southwest. Stay tuned . . .


Anonymous said...

I know how important spring break is to 'us' students because I have mine beginning next week as well, so ENJOY!!!


E. Sheppard said...

I look forward to your pictures of the Southwest!